Penis enlargement - Not for children

Kids are ready to try anything. If it sounds remotely fun or intriguing to them, they are perfectly willing to try it, regardless of the risks involved. This behavior is typical for young boys and girls and should be encouraged up to a point. If supervising adults know that there are no real risks, teen-agers can be allowed to do complex and slightly risky tasks. However, penis enlargement is clearly out of the range of things that children should do. It doesn't even matter if they do it under the guidance of an adult or not. Penis enlargement is not for them.

The biggest problem with boys engaging in penis enlargement is the fact that the body of a young man is still growing. It has no need for external aid, except in the cases of chronic diseases that hinder the normal development. A small penis size is not a development problem, but a natural feature of the body. Moreover, the penis keeps growing with the rest of the body until the age of 18. Whether engaging in penis enlargement before the age of 18 is actually harmful to the body or not is still unclear. What we do know for certain is that natural growth should be allowed to end before any attempt at improving penis size is made.

Another thing that has to be taken into account is the impact it has on the psychological development of young boys. Early involvement in penis enlargement has a significant chance of backfiring into early feelings of insecurity about penis size. Such feelings are the last thing a growing young man needs, especially if he can't be sure whether that his current size will be the final size. While the idea of getting their sons into penis enlargement may appeal to certain fathers because of the intimate bond created by this shared interest, they should refrain from interfering with nature's job before it's finished.

Penis enlargement should be a choice for adults. A choice made by somebody who has accumulated a certain amount of experience during his life and whose mind is sufficiently developed. Given the choice it is likely that many boys of 15 or 16 would readily take up penis enlargement, but that doesn't make it any safer for the child in question. Fathers shouldn't try to prove or add to their "cool" status by teaching their children penis enlargement techniques before the children reach the end of puberty.

Penis enlargement is a physically demanding activity involving the body's self-healing and growth functions and there is simply no good reason to force the body to work overtime at one of the most demanding periods in the physical life of every person. Our advice: leave nature alone to finish the job and then try to improve on the original design.

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